How Food Grows: Liquid Feed

Part 11: Liquid Feeds

Soil nutrition is such a huge part of growing successfully. Once your veg has been growing for a couple of weeks you will have some hungry plants that require more feed to keep them thriving. Liquid feeds are a brilliant emergency feed to use to make soil healthier and give your plants more life.



How to Make Liquid Feed

  • Use a bucket that can hold at least 10 litres of water
  • Get your feed and push down to the bottom which should take up around 1/3 of your bucket
  • Add 10 litres of water or until bucket is full
  • Cover with lid and keep it weighted down
  • Leave feed for about 1 month
  • You should be left with a black coloured liquid feed that you can dilute 1 part feed to 10 parts water for an amazingly nutritious feed for your veg

How to Feed

  • Add 1 part feed to 10 parts water
  • Water at base of plants in the raised beds and avoid getting feed onto the leaves
  • Feed containers regularly (around every 2 – 3 weeks)

Top Tips

Plants constantly need nitrogen but be careful not to overdo it as this can result in much larger plants in much smaller quantities


  • It is high in potassium so ideal for fruit plants such as tomatoes or courgettes
  • You can let comfrey rot down and use as a mulch in your soil


  • Very high in nitrogen so ideal for all plants


  • In the winter put the seaweed on top of the beds and let it rot down and let it release its nutrients down onto the soil for the next couple of months

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