How Food Grows: Seeds

Part 1: Seeds

To get started growing all you need are seeds, compost and containers, plus GIY Founder Mick Kelly’s seed sowing masterclass.


  • Sow beetroot, chard, French beans, kale and lettuce in module trays (or egg cartons)
  • Sow basil in a small pot (or coffee cup)
  • Make an indoor watering can with an old plastic bottle.
  • Leave your seeds somewhere light and warm, indoors.
  • Water carefully to keep each seed moist. Don’t let it dry out, but don’t let it get sodden.

Top Tips

  • Don’t be daunted by horticulture lingo or gardening lingo. All you need are seeds, soil and something to put them in.
  • Overfill your containers and bang them down to prevent air pockets causing your seeds to fall.
  • Know the depth that each seed needs to be sown at to give it the best chance of germination.
  • Cover your containers with compost and scrape the top off.
  • Water gently so the seed doesn’t get washed away.

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