How Food Grows: Watering

Part 10: Watering

Over the last nine weeks we’ve had extremes in terms of the amount of rain. For the first four to five weeks of our course, we had a dry spell and it’s pretty much hasn’t stopped raining since then so when you have that kind of variation how do you know what’s the right amount of water to giving to your plants? This episode will answer all of your watering questions.



Conserving water

  • Start out little by little conserving water

How to water

  • Vegetables need varying amounts of water depending on the stage in their life, the type of plant and the texture of the soil.

Be conscious of evaporation

  • Water early in the morning or late at night
  • Use a mulch to prevent water loss

Stay on top of weeds

  • This means that your plant won’t have to compete for water

Work on your soil

  • When your soil is poor quality it will suffer more from too little or too much water

Top Tips

  • When you are growing in containers, you will need more water than when growing in a veg patch as the plant cant look for water
  • In Polytunnels, it is warmer inside so you will need to monitor the plants more carefully – stick your finger into the soil to see how far the water has travelled – this will tell you if it needs more
  • Water plants at their base
  • Leafy and Root veg need more water than veg like carrots


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